“What I love most about shooting weddings is telling their stories through photos and video. Every couple has their own unique story and I love to be able to see it, shoot it and show them and their families that story for years to come. I strive for that one, big-epic-story-telling image that is just going to blow their minds. The one that will be the center piece of their home and passed down for generations to come.”

Robbie’s love of photography began once he got his hands on his grandpa’s Pentax K-1000. As the story goes, it was handed down to his mom who had it for years until a little trouble-maker snuck off with it. (35mm film! Remember that stuff?) What started as an interest grew into a talent throughout high school and beyond. Over the years his unique perspective and vision have combined to produce dramatic photos that are fresh and intriguing.

Robbie grew up playing Golf, baseball and soccer, all while skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and becoming a champion BMX racer. Hit a 90mph fast ball? On it. Launch off that cornice? No problem. Hit that 25 foot bike jump? Already did. He is fearless. I have always admired this about him. His adventurous spirit and limitless imagination make him a special kind of artist.

When Robbie decided to turn his love of photography into something more than a hobby, his plans weren’t small. Robbie thrives on bigger, better, and unexpected. He dreams big. I mean huge. He doesn’t let anything get in his way. “You can’t do that!” doesn’t enter his mind.

Robbie has a obsession with vintage VW’s and can design, repair, and build just about everything, which is amazing to me. All accomplishments aside, Robbie is and will always be a kid at heart – this is one of the many reason I love him. He can find humor in absolutely anything, loves his family, and would help a friend in need no matter the sacrifice.

Some people are destined for big things; things that are risky and scary, and take every minute of time and dedication you can find. Robbie is wired for this.

-Robbie is a national Award-Winning Wedding Photographer based in Gig Harbor, WA. available for worldwide travel and service-


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